Benzinlik Tanıtım
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Set Breakfast
Kashar cheese,feta cheese,cheddar cheese,tomatoes,cucumber,green olives,black olives,butter,veal ham,chicken ham,boiled egg,jam,honey,chocolate cream,our signature breads, a cup of tea
Turkish breakfast
ezine cheese, tulum cheese,kasgar cheese,tomateos,cucumber,black olives,green olives,veal ham, chicken ham, special sauce,boiled egg, butter, jam, sweet goat’s cheese and black mulburry, honey, kajmak,chocolate cream, a basket filled with our signature breads and bagels, all you can drink tea
Mini breakfast
Feta cheese,olives,tomatoes,cucumber,bagel, a cup of tea
Turkish style scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green pepper
Fried eggs
with ham/feta cheese/kashar cheese/pepperoni
ham/kashar cheese/feta cheese/pepperoni