Our taste journey started in a tiny bakery.

And, continued for four generations, trailing behind the scent of the warm bread.

And it became its hero, all our delicacies produced by our skilled masters.

We have only one recipe for being part of warm meetings, for being a part of coffee talks, for catching sweet rushes, for being a part of the taste of life: “to knead with love..”

Which one of us didn't grow from the kitchen!

Which of us didn't burst in from its door with "Mom, what's for dinner?" and didn't bound from the game with mom's voice saying "Dinner is ready!" Was it not you who were looking forward for Sunday’s breakfasts to dip your hot bread into the fried eggs? Was it not you get interrogated in the kitchen when you misbehaved? Remember the time when you had cup of tea and gossip with your friends in that kitchen! Remember your memories at that kitchen when you ate that chocolate cake to forget your troubles! If the taste of your cozy kitchen is on your palate; where the first thing in the morning is to sip your coffee to open your eyes and where secretly you open the door of the fridge when you are hungry at night; we are here. We are a huge family that grown in the kitchen just like you, that bakes with ups and downs and with love...

Would You Like to Meet the Kitchen?

The first good news of 2021!
AUM whom expands its production capacity by 8 times with its new factory established in İzmir Atatürk OIZ in 2018, is now preparing to open a store in America, where it took the first step with exports.
EGIAD - Aegean Young Businessmen Association visit
Within the content of Member Visits organized with the organization of the EGIAD Member Relations Commission, AUM, our member Levent Doğanoğlu's company, was visited.
Deniz Doğanoğlu – Fair Interview
Watch Deniz Doganoglu’s interview.
Our roadmap is entire Turkey in 5 years
In Izmir, let alone a century, the number of companies that left half of a century behind can only be counted with the fingers of one hand.