It's in our blood since 1924..

Welcome! It seems like you are wondering who we are.

So let’s explain;

In 1924, we set out as a Numune bakehouse in Izmir Torbalı. It was just after our Independence War. Also known as Abbas Efe opened his shop as "vre bismillah". It continued like this for ages. He cooked, people from Torbalı and surrounding villages ate. Years passed, Abbas Efe lend a hand to his son-in-law Necati Doganoglu. Things have grown. They started to sell bread with crates and flour with sacks to the surrounding districts.

The father of our brand, our late father, the late Mehmet Ali Doganoglu, was also a little boy when he first stepped into the bakery. On one hand he was studying, on the other hand he was learning a profession without a break. It was the year of 1988. Mehmet Ali Doganoglu came to İzmir to continue the family tradition. Innovation and development were in his genes as a family tradition. He opened that small bakery under the name of ALSANCAK UNLU MAMULLER in beautiful Alsancak of Izmir. With "vre bismillah", he started working.

He diversified the breads. When it was even year of 1990 and no one was aware of,  he had already started to make breads with rye, oat, wholemeal in that little bakery. He was not limited to just bread. He also presented cookies and fermented breakfast products in his shop. He became the bread and cookie maker of Alsancak in a short time.

Is it just Alsancak? People came from all over Izmir to buy his products. It was the time of the fourth generation. In 2005 and 2009, we, as the 4th generation, took over. We were lucky, we inherited an excellent name, family legacy. This also meant great responsibility. We set out with our team.

In 2012, we first opened our second branch and then our first "franchise" store. As we get bigger, we worked hard. The more we worked, the more crowded we got.

Today, as Alsancak Unlu Mamuller, we serve in 16 cities with 70 stores.

At the same time, in our 5000 square meter factory area in İzmir Çiğli Organized Industrial Zone, we supply chain stores operating with different brands in EDT wing and national market chains.

We are expanding our sales network day by day with our export operation, which we started operating in 2020.

Our mission is to ensure every AUM's guest reaches quality products with the right price and to do better things every day than the day before.

Our vision is to be the brand first that comes to mind when it comes to bakery in Turkey, and to wave the flag of our brand and our country abroad.

To get together with innovation in the family profession without breaking from the tradition. To create a pleasant taste and feeling for everyone, from AUM's guests to our workmates.